How to get MEP number from Blackberry!

1. You will need to access to the “Help Me” menu, to do so, on the main screen of the phone hold the following keys : ALT CAPS H (at the same time)

Note: For Pearl and other Sure-type phones press and hold the ALT key (Bottom left) and type E A C E, for Storm, hold the BACK arrow, and tap the screen in the following areas: TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT, TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT.

You should be presented with a screen like the one shown below:

2. Type the PIN, App Version and Uptime in the form below:

Enter data above.

3. Now simply type the KEY directly on to that screen (The "Help Me!" screen). Nothing will appear when typing. For numbers hold the ALT key when typing. Now you should be in the engineers menu - if you are not please try again ensuring the data you entered is EXACTLY as displayed. If you close the screen ensure you change the Uptime on the form.

4. Navigate to ‘OS Engineering Screens‘ as shown below:


5. Now scroll down to ‘Device Info’ as shown below:


6. Then scroll down until you see MEP-XXXXX-XXX’ as shown below:

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